William "Bill" Black

Bill at Camp Twin Echo


William “Bill” Black was a member of Troop 6 located in Turtle Creek Pennsylvania just outside of Pittsburgh. Bill started his Scouting adventure on October 23, 1931 with the troop and completed his Tenderfoot Badge on January 21, 1932 according to his Tenderfoot card. On January 21, 1932 Bill started his Second Class advancement but unfortunately half of the card is missing. C.R. Prism was the Scoutmaster of Troop 6 under the auspices of East Boroughs Council. Later, John Stella was Scoutmaster and then Wallace Kerr. Bill earned his Eagle Scout award on April 24, 1934. Bill earned an impressive forty-four merit badges, which earned him his Bronze, Gold and Silver Palm Awards.

Bill on the right and his brother on the left


Bill was honored by his fellow troop members by being selected to join the Order of the Arrow. Bill was a chartered member of Anicus Lodge in 1933. Back in those days, there was only one sash, white with a red arrow. If you were an Ordeal member, you wore the sash with the arrow pointing up and over your right shoulder and if you received your Brotherhood, you wore the sash with the arrow pointing up and over your left shoulder.

Bill fondly remembered having Paul Siple as a guest at his Eagle Court of Honor. Mr. Siple was an Eagle Scout who in 1928 escorted Admiral Byrd on an expedition to the Antarctic (South Pole) and later in life, Mr. Siple distinguished himself as an explorer of Antarctica. 

Bill's Vigil Certificate


Bill was also a delegate to the 1938 National OA Meeting at Camp Irondale located near St. Louis Missouri. Two years later Bill was part of the Anicus Lodge hosts for the twenty-fifth anniversary National OA Meeting held at our own Camp Twin Echo.

After this time, Bill joined the US Army but on September 2nd, 1946, he received the Vigil Honor of the Order of the Arrow from Anicus Lodge. His Vigil name was “Pa Yo’ Ta Po Ma’ca” which is interpreted as “One who returns.”

Bill has served in numerous Scouter roles during his adult years including Neighborhood Commissioner.

Bill attributed his Army career to the Boy Scouts. He fondly recalls the pup tents the Army used and attributed his skill to erecting them quickly due to his Scout training. Bill quickly advanced in rank due to his Scouting career and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (LTC). 

Bill's Merit Badges


Bills Merit Badges included the following:

1. Agriculture

2. Animal Industry

3. Architecture

4. Athletics

5. Automobiling

6. Basketry

7. Bird Study

8. Bookbinding

9. Business

10.  Camping

11.  Carpentry

12.  Civics

13.  Cooking

14.  Electricity

15.  Farm Home and its Planning

16.  Farm Mechanics

17.  Farm Records

18.  Firemanship

19.  First Aid

20.  First Aid to Animals

21.  Forestry

22.  Gardening

23.  Handicraft

24.   Hiking

25.  Indian Lore

26.  Leathercraft

27.  Life Saving

28.  Machining

29.  Masonry

30.  Mechanical Drawing

31.  Painting

32.  Path Finding

33.  Personal Fitness

34.  Physical Development

35.  Pioneering

36.  Plumbing

37.  Public Health

38.  Reading

39.  Safety

40.  Scholarship

41.  Swimming

42.  Wood Carving

43.  Wood Turning

44.  Woodwork

Some of Bill's paper

Bill Black Eagle Card

Bill was an Eagle Scout all of his life - "Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle"

Reverse of Eagle Card

Explanation of how Eagle Palms are earned and awarded

Bill Black 1938 National Meeting ID card

Bill's ID from Camp Irondale near St Louis