Tom McBride, National Committee Member

Tom with E. Urner Goodman

Tom has know Dr. Goodman since 1940 when they met at the National Meeting at Camp Twin Echo

Tom McBride

Tom has done great service for his Lodge, Camp, Council and the BSA in general

Tom McBride

His Legacy


Thomas G. McBride’s 60-plus years of service to the Order were recognized at the 2002 National Order of the Arrow Conference when he was presented with the first Lifetime Achievement Award. McBride's servant leadership in the Order began in 1939, when he was inducted into Anicus Lodge in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. He served as the bugler at the Order's 1940 national meeting. He later became an Eagle Scout and served the Order as an area chief. At the 1950 National Scout Jamboree, Tom led 36 Arrowmen to form the first OA Service Corps. In recognition of his service to the Order, Tom received the Distinguished Service Award at the 1952 NOAC. He was named to the national OA committee in 1953. In 1957, Tom recommended that no one over the age of 21 be allowed to vote on lodge issues or hold a lodge office. In 1974, National OA Committee Chairman George Feil appointed Tom and Dr. Carl Marchetti as vice chairmen of the committee. Tom was appointed chairman four years later and served in that position until September 1984. In 1994, Tom received the Silver Antelope Award. Professionally, Tom worked his way up the ladder at Westinghouse Electric Supply Company and retired as its vice president for marketing. Tom McBride has one son, James F. McBride, who is a lawyer located in Pittsburgh. Sadly, Tom passed away on February 7, 2009.