East Boroughs Council #530

1938 Scouts with CTE Barn


East Boroughs Council, Number 530, was incorporated on February 12, 1921. Mr. E. M. Herr served as the first President of the council. 

A banquet celebrating the first anniversary of East boroughs Council occurred on February 12, 1922, held at the South Methodist Episcopal Church in Wilkinsburg. Dinner was served to over 100 guests. Inaugurated by taking the scout oath were Royal E. Cook, president; William Bradshaw, vice-president and chairman of the organization; E. E. Hicks, vice-president and chairman of training and inspection; J. L. Allison, vice-president and chairman of the court of honor; J. C. McQueston, chairman of publicity; Frank N. Marcley, chairman of activities; E. J. Cox, chairman of service; G. Paul Moore, treasurer.

The council office was located at 700 Wood Street in Wilkinsburg PA before moving to its last location at 521 Penn Avenue, Wilkinsburg PA above Stanton Electric. For those who don't know, Wilkinsburg was known as the city of churches, owing to the many churches located in this town and no bars were allowed within its jurisdiction. 

East Boroughs Council consisted of the following communities east of Pittsburgh: Wilkinsburg, Edgewood, Forest Hills, Swissvale, Rankin, Braddock, East Pittsburgh, Turtle Creek, Wilmerding, Pitcairn, Trafford, Oakmont, Verona and Universal (now called Penn Hills).

The Vigil Gateway to Camp Twin Echo

This was built by Anicus Lodge #67 as the new entrance to Camp Twin Echo. It was known as the Vigil Gateway owing to the triangular shape of the rail ties.  

Here I am at Camp Twin Echo

The totem poles are long gone but the admin building is still there and in heavy use.