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This is the first website dedicated to the history of Anicus Lodge #67, East Boroughs Council and Camp Twin Echo.

Here you will find the history, pictures, patches, neckerchiefs, actual booklets and other items associated with these great organizations. You will also find many of my personal photos and items from my youth. I will also highlight histories of other Scouts and Scouters that were members of Anicus Lodge.

I will also try to dispel myths about certain patches and collectibles and display actual items of my own and of other Scouts and Scouters from Anicus Lodge.

I encourage others to contribute to this site their pictures and/or histories to portray as accurately as possible the history of the Lodge, Council and Camp. You may email me at the address below or send a short message below.

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy this site and come visit often.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Mark Rutter, Eagle Scout, Vigil Member, Scouter

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